March 15, 2010

Loosing Two Front Teeth

Son number two (off 3) is one of those kids that never listen to simple instructions. Like don't get out of the bath and without a towel or allowing time for the water to drain from your body run accross laminate flooring.

So you can picture what happened next!

Son number three (who also seems incapable of using a towel) gets out the bath and spreads the first layer of water over the passageway and kids bedroom floor. He manages to make it to the towels without event.

Son number two, jumps out the bath and proceeds to run through the freshly laid puddles of water his younger brother had left (butt naked of course) into their bedroom. He gets there without a problem, but before garnishing himself with a towel he decided to run to the window to look out!! I know, why would a naked 8 year old do these things!!

Anyway, he gets there OK, but on the way back he slips on one of the puddles he and his brother had created landing right on his face. You guessed it the full force went through his two front teeth breaking them in two!!!

We (his Mum and Dad) hear the thud and head upstairs to investigate to find son number two sat on the floor (still naked) with a shocked look on his face and bits of his two front teeth in his hand!!

So any kids reading his, listen to your parent when they say don't run on wet floors etc...

Son number two lost both of his two front teeth!